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The squadron of Auxiliary ships

The unit of auxiliary ships was set up soon after the Lithuanian Naval  force had been established. In February 1992 a few cutters were transferred to the Coast Guard Formation and in the summer of the same year the cutter, Vytis-1, began its first patroling mission in Klaipėda harbour.

Year 1992 the cutter VILNELĖ, which later received its designation H21, was transferred to the Lithuanian Naval force by the Lithuanian Hydro Meteorological Centre. 

In december 2000 m. Swedish Navy donated  harbour tugboat „ATLAS", which received its designation H22.

Year 2005 the third harbour cutter H23 was transferred to Lithuanian Naval force from National Defence Volunteer Forces. Year 2012 harbour cutter H23 was decommisioned

In february 2009 search and rescue ship ŠAKIAI with SAR and pollution control equipment was transferred to Lithuanian Naval force from Klaipeda port.  


Today the squadron of Auxiliary ships consists of SAR ship ŠAKIAI and two harbour cutters - H21, H22.


Tasks of the squadron of Auxiliary ships




 H21 katerių grandis

 Harbour cutter H21 

 H22 katerių grandis

Harbour cutter H22 






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