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The Squadron of Patrol ships

The Squadron of Patrol ships was established in May 1999. The first ship, P31 Dzukas, was donated to the Lithuanian Naval Force by Norway in 1995. Another 2 Storm class ships of the squadron were transferred to the Lithuanian Naval Force in 2001.

In years 2007 and  2011 the ships P31 Dzukas and P33 Skalvis were decomissioned.


In july 2008 the squadron accessed by ex-Flyvefisken class patrol ship P11 Zemaitis. In february year 2009 and 2010 two more ships P12 Dzukas ir P14 Aukstaitis were attached to the squadron.


Currently, the Squadron embraces the 1 Storm class vessel P32 Sėlis and 3 ex-Flyvefisken class patrol ships P11 Zemaitis, P12 Dzukas, P14 Aukstaitis.



Technical specifications of the Storm class vessels:


Crew – 20 personsP31 Dzukas

Length – 36.5 metres

Width – 6.2 metres

Displacement - 142 tons

Draught – 1.8 metres

Speed – 30+ knots

2 main engines, 2640 kW each.


The ships are armed with 76 mm and  40 mm Bofors artillery guns.




Technical specifications of the ex-Flyvefisken class patrol ships:


Crew - up to 29 persons

P 11 ŽemaitisLength - 54,0  metres

Width - 9,0  metres

Draught - 2,60 metres

Displacement - 450 tons

Speed - 20 knots

2 main engines, 2040 kW each.


The ships are armed with 76 mm „Oto Melara" artillery guns and machine guns MG3.




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