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WTC structure



WTC units


combat training group (ctg)


1. Expertise and support to LAF exercises:

                      a. planning;

                      b. preparation;

                      c. execution;

                      d. assessment;

2. Instrumentation of training:

                      JCATS, MILES, JEMM and I-HITS

3. Environmental protection courses.

4. Live-shooting courses.

5. Individual Pre-mission training.



Computerized exercises section


Computer assisted exercises branch (CAX branch) is managing JCATS (Joint Conflict and Tactics Training System) training system and assisting units in conducting up to brigade HQ level CAX (Computer Assisted Exercises). This kind of exercises helps to train HQs staff capability to plan operations, make and implement their decisions.

Before exercises CAX branch participates in exercises planning conferences, prepares exercise database and digital map (sandbox), conducts training for JCATS operators; during exercises controls OPFOR entities in JCATS, serve as subject-matter experts; at the end of exercise helps to prepare material for After Action Review.


Exercise planning section


Exercise Planning Section (EPS) supports LAF units' staffs, their superiors and Organizations when participating, for preparation, conduct and reporting of national and multinational collective training and exercises identified in the Military Training and Exercise Programme.

EPS organizes Exercise Planning Courses (EPC), provides foundational knowledge of the Exercise Planning Process and prepare students as exercise planners for collective training and military exercises for the BN level and above.


Field exercise section


Field Exercise Section (FES) arranges and conducts LAF units' and subunits' education, training, monitoring and assessment.

FES organizes Battalion and higher units Observer Coach Trainer (OCT) Courses, prepares professional LAF servicemen to observe, control, teach and train collective training and military exercises. During the exercises, FES contributes producing collective training and exercise - related documents, draws conclusions, makes recommendations to training unit and provides the remedial actions to improve subsequent training and assessment.


Live Fire Section


Train Range Controllers and Live Fire Controllers (tactical level).

Conduct Support Weapons, Weapons Management, Forward Observers and Situational Life Fire courses and Live Fire Exercises for PSO missions.


Peace Operation Section


Develop soldiers' knowledge of basic principles how to execute in combat operations against the insurgents - rebels (COIN).

Develop soldiers' ability to act in accordance with the Rules of Engagement.

Develop soldiers' ability to cope with internal threats (Insider Threats - Green on Blue).

Develop soldiers' knowledge of operations goals, objectives and legal basis.

Develop soldiers' knowledge of the area and operations threats.

Develop soldiers' knowledge of international Security Assistance Force Commander (COM ISAF) Directives.


Environmental protection training section


Carries out  individual environmental training and professional development of the personnel in Lithuanian National Defence System, provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills, necessary for the implementation of the environmental protection requirements in military units, during national and international military training and exercises, and while acting together with allies in the areas of international missions and operations.

Develops international cooperation with NATO, non-NATO, EU countries in environmental protection training field.



general silvestras zukauskas training area


TA will be ready to accommodate life training of combat units up to battalion group ensuring different types of training:

Life firing BN(-)/COY including IFV or tanks platoon (ammunition up to 120mm);

Training in urban terrain including Life firing inside building (up to squad);

Artillery Life firing (up to battery) with ammunition up to 155mm into two target areas;

Close air support Life firing (combat helicopters);

Virtual real-life realistic training up to battalion size units using MILES and I-HITS simulation systems;

Staff training up to brigade size unit using JCATS simulation system on site or distance type including secure connection;

Airborne units up to Bn size at air drop zone;

Certified to do evaluation up to battalion size unit (up to brigade level with reinforcement of multinational personnel and expertise).


Support group



Provides appropriate logistical support for the warfare training centre, training and exercises in it. Carries out the storage of material assets, their reception, issuance and write-offs. Carries out purchases of goods and services, ensuring the legality of the performed operations. It also ensures the proper and rational operation and maintenance of premises, transport and special equipment.




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