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Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment

Emblem of the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment


 It was created according to the old heraldry traditions using 4 main colors:
Purple color symbolizes power, courage, and generosity
White sword - pledge to defend homeland
Golden oak leaves - soldier ship science knowledge, soldiers' fortitude and loyalty
Black color symbolizes education and wisdom.


Symbol of the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment


Antique Radvilos Coat of Arms:
 There are three horns on a blue mantle. After the Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor entitled Radvilos family duke title in 1547, Coat of Arms was supplemented with one - head black eagle in the yellow field.
 Supplemented with slogan "WIN OR DIE" which was used in the first Lithuanian Hussars' Regiment during interwar.



 „The Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment is the gateway to join Lithuanian Armed Forces. Civilians may start their military service and get an initial military training according to BMT program there. It is granted to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania to prepare for the voluntary state defense. Military draftees who do not intend to serve in the military service after completion of the nine-week BMT course get a credit of mandatory initial military service and are recorded as military mobilization reserve. The most highly motivated and interested to become a professional military service soldiers have to complete an additional four-week course.
The freshmen cadets of the Military Academy also get the initial military training in the Training Regiment.



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