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Public relations

Training Regiment develops relations with other units of Armed Forces and public organizations. There were signed friendship and cooperation agreements with museums of Jonava and Biržai regions, also with schools of Kaunas and Jonava districts. On the occasion of the third anniversary there was opened a museum in the Training Regiment. In that museum soldiers and coming guests can get familiar with Rukla Garrison and Unit history. Productive collaboration has developed with many Jonava district schools and Jonava Cultural Center, Police and Customs Departments, media representatives.

  During summer holidays Training Regiment organizes military – sport camps for school pupils who need social support and security.

  Soldiers attend various excursions, visiting museums, cinemas or other military units. Also they participate very actively in the events which are organized by Jonava Cultural Center. At their leisure time soldiers can read newspapers and magazines, watch movies, talk to garrison chaplain, get books in regimental library.

  Soldiers have possibilities to listen concerts, meet well – known people, commemorate state and unit holidays. They also actively participate in clearing actions that are organized by Jonava and Rukla towns. Together with Jonava region museum workers soldiers take care of the graves of the soldiers' volunteers and partisans, historical moulds. During state holidays soldiers commemorate heroes who were killed for the freedom of Lithuania.




Updated on: 2011-05-17
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