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Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School


Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School (LAFS) is the main military training institution established to provide training for enlisted, warrant officers and specialists.

The mission of LAFS is to provide training to enlisted and warrant officers at the NCO School, and military and civilian personnel at the Logistics, Signals and Information Systems, Physical and Parachute Training Centers and develop their professional skills.         

The insignia of the school is an armorial shield in the center of which there is "a sword - the axis of the world, and its power is infinite" (Charles de Gaulle). The red circle, the symbol of the sun, marks the wish and aspiration for knowledge. In the middle of it there gleam Staves Gates (Gediminas Staves), the expression of the sovereignty of power. The guarantor of success and victory is the oak leaf wreath surrounding the sun. The dominating colours are green, yellow and red.

[]The target of Division General Stasys Raštikis NCO School is to train sergeants and non-commissioned officers for the Lithuanian Army in career and speciality courses as well as to raise their qualification.



Updated on: 2013-06-19
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