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Activities at Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School

The mission of LAFS is to provide training to enlisted and warrant officers at the NCO School, and military and civilian personnel at the Logistics, Signals and Information Systems, Physical and Parachute Training Centers and develop their professional skills.

The NCO School at LAFS provides training to enlisted and warrant officers for all branches of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The training follows leader training curricula. During training the trainees acquire knowledge and skills necessary for general military background and battle focused training. The following subjects are taught during offered courses: common tactics, weapons and skills at arms, signals, topography, NBC protection, National Defense regulations, training arrangement at a unit, instructor training, field engineering and physical training. Special emphasis is paid on the development of leadership. Training at the NCO School is provided to professional soldiers of enlisted and warrant officer ranks.

The Training Centers of LAFS provide training to specialists for the National Defense:

The Logistics Training Center provides training to logistics specialists, transport specialists and drivers.

The Communications and Information Systems Training Center provides training to signals and information systems specialists, computer users and technicians.

The Physical Training Center provides training to physical training specialists and instructors.

The Parachute Training Center provides training to parachutists.

Training at the Training Centers is provided to professional soldiers of enlisted, warrant officer and commissioned officer ranks as well as to civilian personnel.

Battle focused training to professional soldiers is provided at LAFS Brigade General Kazys Veverskis Training Area. The training is arranged for battalion training without live fire and company live fire exercises.





Updated on: 2019-01-17
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