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The history of Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School


1990  Officer Courses of the Republic of Lithuania were established
1993  Officer Courses reorganized into NCO School
1993  Infantry and Signals Courses started
1995  Mortarmen and Driver Courses started
1995  NCO School flag dedication
1996  NCO School named after Division General Stasys Raštikis
1997  NCO academy courses started; IT courses started
2002  ECDL course started
2003  CISCO course started

2008  The training started in accordance with the training programmes of Career and Speciality

2010  NCO School was licensed to conduct formal vocational training based on Army Sergeant Curriculum. After completion graduates are certified, certificates are recognized within the Lithuanian Army and outside.

2011 08 01  Division General Stasys Raštikis NCO School was reorganized into Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School

2012 Training of junior officers commanders for graduate school students was resumed after six years of interruption.
2013 The Logistics Officer Basics Course was introduced. 
July 2015 Graduation of the first cadet postgraduate group.





Updated on: 2019-03-25
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