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International cooperation

International cooperation from 1995 to 2019:


With the US army:


1995 - „Train the Trainer" Course.

1996 - Basic Engineer Course.

1997 - Marksmanship Course.

1998 - Marksmanship Instructor Course.

2006 - HMMWV Instructor Course.

2007 - 2008 m. - Exchange of instructors with the US Pennsylvania National Guard Training Regiment.


With the Royal British Army:


2000 m. - Instructor Course.

2003 m. - Marksmanship Instructor Course.


With the Royal Danish Army:


2000 m. - Instructor Course.

2001 m. - Instructor Course „Trainer".

2001 m. - Instructor Course „Train the Trainer".

2004 m. - Instructor Course.

2007 m. - Course „Organization of Work at NATO Headquarters", led by the Joint Staff in Brunssum Joint Training Group (instructors from Great Britain, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Italy).





Starting from 2007, LAFS participate in Annual Baltic and Nordic NCO School commanders' international conferences;

LAFS participated in conferences together with military representatives from NATO countries to assist in sergeant and NCO training matters in Azerbaijan and Georgia in 2008 and 2009.

Starting from 2010, an International NCO Instructor Course was launched at LAFS (course participants come from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine).




2014 Close cooperation with the Ukrainian Army in the field of NCO corps reorganization in accordance with NATO standards was initiated.


2015 Cooperation with the Canadian Forces Training Development Center was launched. For the first time at the Lithuanian Armed Forces School the Canadian instructors conducted an international Advanced Teaching Methods Course for Lithuanian, Latvian and Ukrainian NCOs.









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