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Public Relations

Different educative events are constantly organized at the Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School (LAFS) - meetings with famous people, concerts of different music genres, lectures, public and religious holidays, other memorable dates.

For a few recent years, LAFS has been cooperating with the Kaunas City Council, the Aleksotas community center and the Kazlų Rūda City Council. LAFS constantly helps organizing Kaunas City and community festivals, other patriotic and cultural events.

LAFS has friendly relations with many public schools in Kaunas and Kaunas County; LAFS organizes presentations at schools, welcomes student groups at LAFS; LAFS also cooperates with Student Councils of Kaunas universities and other schools of higher education, with the organization of Lithuanian Association of the Atlantic Treaty (LATA), which supports and actively propagates NATO ideas and values in Lithuania, and other non-governmental organizations.

LAFS contribution to youth civic and patriotic education was appreciated by Kaunas city community. LAFS was nominated the best and most active Youth Partner in 2010.

LAFS used to participate activly in the contest "The Nicest Company Area" organized by Kaunas city municipality for institutions located in Kaunas city. LAFS took part in this contest for a number of years and won several times.

Every year LAFS organizes Partisan Honor Day, Army and Society Day events. LAFS is an active participant of various joint army and social events. Each year LAFS participates in marches to honor Lithuania‘s historical heroes and events all around Lithuania. Civilians take an active participation in the marches as well.





Updated on: 2019-01-17
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