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2014-06-20 Saber Strike 2014 concluded in all Baltic States 


2014-06-18 The Closing Ceremony of the multinational exercise Saber Strike 2014 part in Lihuania 


2014-06-18 Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia - Lithuanian TACP


2014-06-17 Saber Strike 2014 visitors day in Gaiziunai training area


2014-06-16 Saber Strike 2014 in Gaiziunai: offensive and defensive operations after the rotation of battalions


2014-06-16 Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia - military engineers spare no sweat


2014-06-16 Interview with Commander of the Danish Division


2014-06-15 Acquaintance with Leopard 2 A5


2014-06-15 Saber Strike 2014 in Lithuania - public event


2014-06-14 Saber Strike 2014 in Lithuania - offensive and defensive operations 


2014-06-14 Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia - about armoured personnel carries Stryker 


2014-06-13 Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia diary: countering armoured vehicles


2014-06-12 Exercise Saber Strike 2014 visitors day in Latvia 


2014-06-12 Pennsylvania Meet Lithuania


2014-06-12 Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia - breaking through obstacles


2014-06-11 Saber Strike 2014 in Lithuania - occupation of assembly area 


2014-06-11 In Latvia during Exercise Saber Strike 2014 Lithuanian soldiers moves into contact with the enemy


2014-06-10 Multinational Exercise Saber Strike 2014 formally opened in Lithuania 


2014-06-10 Saber Strike Opening Ceremony (Latvia)


2014-06-09 Contingent of 700 Denmark's participants of the exercise Saber Strike 2014 arrived in Karmėlava Airport 


2014-06-09 Exercise Saber Strike 2014 was announced open in Latvia at the Adaži Training Range 


2014-06-07 The U.S. Pennsylvania ‪ ‎National Guard's platoon have arrived in Vilnius 


2014-06-04 Danish Battalion Battle Group combat materiel has deployed to Exercise Saber Strike 2014 (at Klaipėda Seaport)




Updated on: 2014-06-25
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