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Members of Defence Committee of the Parliament of the Netherlands visited the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania


On Friday, March  16, members of the Defence Committee e of the Parliament of the Netherlands paid a visit to the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Rukla to meet with the Dutch contingent.  The guests were interested how the soldiers were doing serving in Lithuania  and the challenges they had. "Such a visit allows the Defence Committee members to talk to the soldiers directly without filters," Brig Gen J. Swillens, commander of the 43rd Brigade, said. He also said he was happy with the soldiers service in Lithuania. "The unit has high motivation and the opportunity to serve alongside other countries' soldiers in Lithuania. They train, laugh hard, and enjoy the time spent here. What I see is people proud of their service."  


Currently there are roughly 250 Dutch soldiers in Lithuania, deployed from the 44th Mechanised Infantry Battalion. The Dutch eFP contingent has brought CV 90 IFVs, Boxer armoured personnel carriers, and other equipment.


The NATO enhanced Forward Presence maintains high readiness and interoperability level through constant training and preparation for collective defence. Based in the Training Regiment in Rukla, the unit is integrated into the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf and continually trains in collective defence training and exercises.


Deployment of NATO enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland is a historical decision taken in July 2016. The forces is primarily a response to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, build-up of military potential and demonstration of military power in the region.


Photos: courtesy of the Netherlands Armed Forces

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