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NATO allies and partners to conduct Exercise Ramstein Alloy 19-2 in the Baltic region air space


On June 25-26 NATO air capabilities will be training in the Baltic countries' airspace at scheduled live-flying Exercise Ramstein Alloy 19-2. The objective of the series of annual exercises is to hone command and control of NATO airspace surveillance and control, air policing and other capabilities in the Baltic region. The exercise will train search and rescue procedures, loss of communication management and air-refuelling.

The exercise will involve the JAS-39 fighter aircraft of the the current NATO Air Policing Mission rotation - the Hungarian Air Force Detachment and the F/A-18 fighter aircraft of the Spanish Royal Air Force deployed in Šiauliai, as well the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft of the British Royal Air Force augmentation of the mission deployed in Amari (Estonia). Other participants of the air training event will be fighter aircarft and crews of Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway, KDC-10 air refuelling aircraft of the Netherlands , and the E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft will provide additional command and control of the participating capabilities.

The RAMSTEIN ALLOY exercise series began in 2016 as a sequel of the successful BALTIC REGION TRAINING EVENT (BRTE). It is held three times a year in each of the three Baltic States. As Baltic Air Policing and reinforcement detachments rotate on a four months term, the exercise series provides the opportunity to exercise with various Allies in each edition.


The training programme serves to enhance relations and interoperability in line with NATO standards amongst Air Forces of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other allies in the region, as well as to demonstrate Alliance solidarity with NATO partners and the Baltic allies.

Media advisory

Media representatives wishing to attend Media Day of Exercise Ramstein Alloy 19-2 at the Lithuanian Air Force Base on 25 June 2019 are invited to register until June 24, 1600hrs at +370 41 59 21 51 or [email protected].

The registered media representatives are invited to arrive at the check-post of the Air Base (Lakūnų g. 3, Šiauliai) on June 25, at 730hrs.

Freelance journalists and foreign media journalists first have to get accredited in the Strategic Communications and Public Relations Department of MoD by e-mail [email protected], provide filled out questionnaire, copies of the identity document and letter of the editorial office where the material is planned to be published.

Only pre-registered and accredited media representatives will be admitted to the exercise site.

Photo: MoD archive

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