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Command Sergeant Major


Sergeant Major Osvaldas Žurauskas



  July 15, 1973




  Zarasų District, Salakas


 1996 - Division General S.Raštikis NCO School, marksman.
1998 - Division General S.Raštikis NCO School, squad leader (infantry).
1998 - Peacekeeping Training Centre, UK Marine Course.
1998 - Peacekeeping Training Centre, Instructor Course.
1999 - Training Regiment, Instructor Course.
2000 - Division General S.Raštikis NCO School, platoon sergeant (infantry).
2001 Division General S.Raštikis NCO School, platoon commander (infantry).
2002 - Division General S.Raštikis NCO School, squad leader / command sergeant major (unit).
2006 - Peer group education forces in uniform HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Lithuanian AIDS Centre
2006 - MIB "Iron Wolf", Tactical Operations Centre Duty Officer Course.
2008 - Training Regiment, M 113 A1 driver.
2008 - Swiss Officers' Training Centre in Lucerne, Switzerland, Higher NCO Command Training Centre.
2008 - Warfare training Centre of the General Adolfas Ramanauskas Lithuanian Military Academy, Firing Grounds Operator and Tactical Live Firing Course (1-5 ).
2008 - Reconnaissance School, Swimming Course.
2010 - Algirdas Battalion, Winter field tactical exercise "White Wolf" (practical measures in case of breaking ice accidents).
2010 - Reconnaissance School, Patrol Course awarding the right to wear "Patrol" badge.
2010 - Physical Training and Sports Department, permission for physical training and sports activities valid till November 25, 2014.
 1992 Rifleman rescuer, Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion, Ist Mechanised Infantry Company, IInd Infantry Platoon, Ist Squad.
1993 Platoon leader (Motor-borne Battalion of Vilnius, Ist Motor-borne Company).
1993 Platoon leader (Motor-borne Battalion of Vilnius; Headquarters Company; Reconnaissance Platoon).
1999 Battalion Command Sergeant Major (Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Motorised Infantry Battalion in Rukla; Command Group.
2005 Command Sergeant Major (Motorised Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf", Command Group).
2007 Multinational mission in Kosovo.
2011 Head of section (Division General S.Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School, NCO School, Staff Officer Training Section). 
 1992 - Private
1993 - Sergeant
1994 - Sergeant 1st Class
1996 - Master Sergeant
2001 - Junior Warrant Officer
2003 - Warrant Officer
2008 - Senior Warrant Officer 
 Medal for Outstanding Service, NATO Non-Article 5 Medal, Medal for Deployment on International Missions, Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Distinguished Service, Badge of Honour of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf. 



English, Russian 


MARITAL STATUS Married to Lijana. Children - Gabija, Dovydas, Neringa, Nemira. 










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