Lithuanian Armed Forces
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 The TC is headed by a CHIEF and has its HEADQUARTERS, the TC HQ is comprised of the Personnel Section (PS), the Training Section (TS) and the Logistics, Communications and Information Section (LCIS). The Supply Service (SS) which takes care of the daily supply process is also under the direct command of the TC CHIEF. . A directing staff for each course delivered at the TC consists of a course director, a senior expert and of various numbers of experts and instructors depending on the category of courses (for example, in the Individual Skills Training Courses there are no instructors at all but the directing staff of the Fire Support Weapon Courses includes 8 instructors).
The major part of the TC activity is pursued by the subject matter experts and instructors, particularly NCOs, who have
a direct contact with military personnel in any of the courses. And as it was mentioned earlier, they are assisted by instructors from the LITHLF units and both military and civilian educational institutions. Courses at the TC are taught by the TC staff experts and visiting lecturers from the Lithuanian Land Force and other divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Each course includes a set package of teaching means: weapons, pieces of engineering and other.

Photos from the exercises of the LF JLTC Courses




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