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Logistics Command of Lithuanian Armed Forces was established by the order of Minister of National Defence on 1 May 2001. It was composed of the following elements:

  • Provision Department
  • Arsenal
  • Service of Transportation (later renamed as Movement Control Centre MCC)
  • Military Medical Service and Military Medicine Battalion


Siauliai Duke Vaidotas and Marijampole Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Battaliosn were transfered under the Logistics Command in 2003. Later they were transformed into Duke Vaidotas Forward Support Logistic Battalion (FSLB) and Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis General Support Logistic Battalion (GSLB). Provision Department was reformed into Material Assets Department (MAD) and Depot Service (DS).


Seeking the central aim of creating logistic system relevant to plan and control provision of logistic support for divisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces and allied forces as well as to coordinate and administer redeployment of units of Lithuanian Armed Forces in international operations, Logistics Command was steadily improved, reorganised and complemented by divisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces.



Contemporary Logistics Command consists of seven battalions:

  • Movement Control Centre
  • Depot Service
  • Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistic Battalion
  • Garrison Support Service
  • MD Jonas Basanavicius Military Medical Service
  • Military Cartography Centre


Military Police is engaged in the Logistics programme


Milestone dates in the history of Logistics Command:

2 April 2002, Col Virginijus Mazuika appointed as Commander of Logistics Command;

1 July 2003, Staff of Logistics Command moved to new facilities in Savanoriu Ave. 8, Vilnius;

3 February 2003, signs for working, dress and field uniforms and the beret (a flash) of Logistics Command were approved

13 April 2006, project of flag was approved and flag bestowed upon the Logistics Command following the traditions of Lithuanian Armed Forces;

18 January 2007, Commander of Logistics Command Col Virginijus Mazuika retired;

26 January 2007, change of command ceremony took place in the square by the Ministry of National Defence, new Commander of Logistics Command Col Lt Giedrius Vasiliauskas entered service;

30 July 2008, change of command and combat flag handover ceremony was held in the square by the Ministry of National Defence, new Commander of Logistics Command Col Lt Ovidijus Eitminavicius entered service. The ceremony was attended by Chief of Defence of Lithuania, Chief of Defence Staff, Commanders of branches of the Armed Forces, and other invited guests.

28 September 2012 col. Sigitas Mundris appointed as Commander of Logistics Command. 


23 June 2016 col. lt. Ramunas Baronas appointed as Commander of Logistics Command. 




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