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International Cooperation


Logistics Support Command directly participates in International Operations and contributes to the preparation for other units:


NRF-4/ 2005, I half

Water Purification Unit

NRF-5/ 2005, II half

Water Purification Unit; Deployment to Pakistan for Humanitarian Assistance after the Earthquake

NRF-10/ 2008, I half

Water Purification Unit

NRF-11/ 2008, II half

Medical and Food Operators Team

NRF-14/ 2010, I half

Allied Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Battalion

EU BG/ 2010, I half

Medical Personnel and NSE

EU BG/ 2011, I half

Water Purification Unit in Netherlands I Logistic Brigade

„Iraqi Freedom"                      2003 - 2008

Logistics Command Soldiers

„Operation Enduring Freedom" 2005 -

Logistics Command Soldiers, National Support Element (previously Logistics Support Element)

NRF-2011/ 2011

Movement Control Unit; ROLE 1; National Support Element;

NRF-2012/ 2012

Medium Truck Platoon; Water Purification Unit; Movement Control Team; National Support Element.



The NATO Response Force (NRF) is a highly ready and technologically advanced multinational force made up of land, air, maritime and special forces components that NATO can deploy quickly to wherever it is needed.

NRF is comprised of three parts: a command and control element from the NATO Command Structure; the Immediate Response Force, a joint force of about 13 000 high-readiness troops provided by Allies; and a Response Forces Pool, which can supplement the Immediate Response Force when necessary



National Support Element (NSE) was established in 2008. The main task of this element is to provide logistic support to LAF units deployed in Afghanistan, LAF personnel appointed to ISAF HQs and to other personnel from Lithuania according agreements. The Main Group of NSE is deployed in the multinational Kabul Airport. Individual soldiers of the element serve in Kandahar Airport, NSE Support Group is based at the PRT camp in Chaghcharan.

NSE functions:

  • - Procurement of goods and services in Afghanistan
  • - Storage, accounting and issue of goods and supplies
  • - RSOM
  • - Package of operational forces and civilian cargo, preparation for transportatio
  • - Organize the transportation of operational forces and civilians inside Afghanistan using ISAF transportation means
  • - Organize, coordinate and provide accommodation, feeding and services
  • - Organize logistic maintenance of operational forces bases, infrastructure, equipment and vehicles maintenance and repair
  • - Quality control of services for operational forces


European Union BattleGroup (EU BG) is a military unit adhering to the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union. Often based on contributions from a coalition of member states, each of the eighteen battlegroup consists of a battalion size force (1500 troops) reinforced with combat support elements. The groups rotate actively, so that two are ready for deployment at all times. The forces are under the direct control of a unanimous European Council of the European Union.




Participation in NATO Committees


Logistic Command participates in the following NATO Committees:

Logistic Staff Meeting (LSM)

NATO Petrolium Committee (PC)

Standing Group on Partner Logistic Experts (SGPLE)

Logistic Planning Advisory Committee (LAPC)

Logistic Staff Meeting (LSM)

Movement and Transportation Group (M&TG)

Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services  (COMEDS)

Joint Medical Committee (JMC)

Group on Codification (AC/135)

NATO GEO Conference





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