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Objectives and Functions



The main responsibility of Logistics Command is ensuring provision and medical support for Lithuanian Armed Forces units within and beyond the territory of Lithuania.


To fulfil the mentioned responsibility, certain functions are exercised:



Provision of logistic support in international operations, exercises, and other events;

 sisu iskrovimas

Storage of military assets bought or received as donation or support;


Coordination and control of transportation of military units or other kinds of transportation within or beyond Lithuanian borders;


Analysis of demand as well as distribution and supply of centrally bought appliances and services;


Medical support for divisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces;


Supporting divisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces in daily activities, training and events.






Objectives of Logistics Command are as follow:

Ensuring logistic provision for institutions, subdivisions of institutions of the National Defence System, and allied forces.

To ensure logistic provision for units of Lithuanian Armed Forces during national, international operations and exercises and other events of military cooperation.

To command and complete logistic operations in an effective manner in order to ensure answering logistic needs of all units of Lithuanian Armed Forces within and beyond Lithuanian borders.


Logistics Command embodies its aims through the Staff which is in charge of coordinating operation of military units under Logistics Command. Staff of Logistics Command and logistic military units implement their objectives through the following functions:


Collection, generalisation, and analysis of information on the demand of centrally bought material assets and services; drafting technical requirements for new procurements, organisation of procurement process, distribution and supply.

Drafting normatives of maintenance, planning and organisation of top-level repair for equipment, armaments and hardware in all the National Defence System.

Standardisation and codification of materials possessed by the Armed Forces.

Installation and enhancement of information system of logistics command as well as other automatic systems for processing logistic data.




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