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NDVF 5th Territorial Unit Vytis Military District, Panevėžys

The 5th territorial unit Vytis Military District is a National Defence Volunteer Forces unit subordinate to the Commander of the NDVF. The unit territory covers the Northern part of the Republic of Lithuania; the unit elements are located in Panevėžys and Šiauliai districts.
After Lithuania accessed the NATO the unit tasks have changed. While conducting the reform of the NDVF the 5th territorial unit Vytis military district has grown into a modern, on a voluntary principle formed, supported by concepts and material resources volunteer forces capable to react to a wide spectrum of the threat.

About 1000 volunteer servicemen and 100 organic civil personnel serve in the unit. Some of them have gained experience in the international exercises and operations.
Military personnel and volunteer servicemen participate in the international exercises in Lithuania and abroad. Soldiers are ready to assist national institutions in disaster relief, ensuring national security and in other threats of a non-military nature.

The 5th territorial unit Vytis Military District coordinates with national institutions and their representatives, non-governmental, business, social, cultural, sports institutions, media organizations, military units, religious, public organizations and local people, organizes cultural, sports and public activities and represents National Defence Volunteer Forces in Panevėžys district.




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 KFOR 20


Soldiers Exercise 

PRT-14, KFOR-20 troops formation

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