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Maritime Rescue Coordination Center

MRCC Klaipeda maintains twenty-four hours a day readiness to carry out following functions:


  • Control and coordination of Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the MRCC responsibility area;
  • Control and coordination of oil pollution containment operations at sea.


If necessary, Klaipeda MRCC additionally can employ capabilities of other national services to ensure the acomplischment of designated functions. Klaipeda MRCC reaction plans are coordinated with national services, as well as with other MRCCs of the Baltic region countries. This ensures efficient efforts and successful operations when distress at sea or polution accident occurs.



CONTACTS OF MRCC DUTY OFFICER: +370 46 39 12 57 (twenty four hours/day)

             +370 46 39 12 58 (twenty four hours/day) +370 46 39 12 59

E-mail:  [email protected]







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