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Tasks and functions






Lithuanian Special Operations Forces (LITHSOF) are

the military unit that activities conducted by specially organized, trained and equipped military forces to achieve military, political, economic or informational objectivities by unconventional military means in hostile, denied areas. These operations are conducted across the full range of military operations, independently or in conjuction with conventional forces.


Special Operations differ from conventional operations in degree of physical risk, operational techniques, modalities of employment.



Fast roping by LITHSOF troop during exercise.   





  • Special Reconnaissance and Surveillance (SR)
  • Direct Action (DA)
  • Military Assistance (MA)
  • Counter-terrorism (CT) and Counterinsurgency (COIN)
  • Hostage Release Operations (HRO)
  • Personel Recovery (PR)

LITHSOF troops are well trained and equiped to be able to deal with all tasks they get during international or domestic trainings, or prosecute ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

  They move around the battlefield unseen, unheard and unsung. No-one knows when they leave or when they come back or even how many started out. They are the best that theur countries have to offer. They are the face of future warfare. Mike Ryan




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